Chronus Cuff Bead Weaving Pattern

Chronus Cuff Bracelet

The Chronus Cuff is a bead-woven cuff bracelet with an analogue watch face in the centre. It has an antique metallic but contemporary look about it, and is something that can be enjoyed and admired at every moment of time. Our original design was created as an entry for the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads seed beading contest of 2013, and it was a Silver Medal Prize Winner. Since then, photos of it have been published on the back of several popular beading magazines and we have had many enquiries from admirers who have wanted to create their own Chronus Cuff. This is a downloadable PDF file of the pattern and it will take you through the steps to create one.

This project is suitable for a person with an intermediate to advanced level of bead weaving skills, but don't be put-off from tackling the challenge if you are a confident beginner. The bead weaving techniques used are peyote stitch and right-angle weave along with simple stitching. All the steps and everything you need to do is carefully explained in the 16 pages of instructions and illustrations. The cuff is approximately 17.5cm in length and 3.5cm to 11.5cm wide, however the pattern is easily adjustable and you can create a cuff of shorter or longer length. A degree of patience is required. There are repetitive tasks you need to carry out to embellish the cuff that make it look eye-catching and lush. If you aren't confident in bead weaving at the beginning of the project, you will be by the end of it.


Digital Download
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Chronus Cuff - Beaded Cuff Bracelet Watch Pattern - Instant Download PDF File

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Required Materials
You are buying a pattern to make the item shown in the images, not the physical item itself. The materials that are needed for the project and which you will need to source and supply yourself are as follows:

- Watch face
- Preciosa 5mm x 2.5mm Twin beads
- Matsuno Dyna-Mites 11° round seed beads
- Miyuki Delica 11° seed beads
- Miyuki Tila 5mm beads
- Swarovski Xilion 3mm bicone crystals
- Clasp
- Fireline
- Beading needle
- Bead mat
- Scissors

IMPORTANT: The watch face used in this project was purchased from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads (catalogue number H20-2949FD). If you don’t use this specific watch face and instead use one of a different style, you will have to use your beading skills and adapt the pattern accordingly.

Terms of Use
This pattern is for personal use only. You may make a small number from our pattern to sell but please ensure you give us full credit as the designers and do not pass off the finished piece as your own design. The design in this publication was created by Suzanne Neve, EVEN Creations. All instructions, patterns, photos and diagrams are copyrighted. No part of this material may be reproduced, copied, shared or taught in any form or by any means without written consent from the copyright holder, Betty and Suzanne Neve, EVEN Creations.

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