Peyote Stitch

Peyote stitch is quite a simple method of stitching beads together. The flat form peyote stitch is basically the same as circular form peyote stitch - always start with an even number of beads strung on a thread.

The images above show you how to do flat form peyote. Each step shows the action point of the stitching. At Step 1, use a stopper bead on your length of thread, leaving a 10cm tail, and pick up an even number of beads.

Next, pick up a single bead with your needle, skip over the next bead in that row and pass the needle into the bead that follows.

Steps 2 to 7 are nothing more than repetitions of Step 1. The peyote base slowly forms as the beads are displaced sideways. The most important difference between flat form and circular form peyote stitch is what happens at the end of the row. In flat peyote stitch you turn around and work in the reverse direction . In circular peyote stitch you ‘step up’ to the next row and keep stitching in the same direction. 

As with circular form peyote stitch, the most tricky part of flat form peyote stitch is getting the second row happily settled on the first row. Jiggle it around and get the tension right. Correct tension is very important. All other rows after the second row will just fall into place.